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Where you need a partner to help conceptualise, design, build and project manage your water treatment process, Enaqua should be your first choice.

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Enaqua’s will design, build, implement and manage water solutions that meet all your RO, filtration, chemical dosing or UV disinfection

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Coronavirus And The Water Cycle

“Human viruses do not replicate in the environment. For a coronavirus to be transferred via the water cycle, it must have the ability to survive in human waste, retain its infectivity, and come in contact with another person. Findings suggest that COVID-19 can be transmitted through human waste.” “In general, secondary […]

Re purposing of old dialysis equipment

Old medical equipment that is being used as water treatment plants in rural Africa. Smart solutions

Water scarcity – an annual struggle going forward.


Enaqua chlorine dioxide (ClO2) generators

Rendering of our ClO2 generators that have been custom built for clients 500gr/hr – Batch type ClO2 generator

UV water treatment in the beverage industry

UV has served the bottled beverage industry for over 70 years. UV treatment to product water protects the brand by protecting taste and shelf life of products https://blog.aquafineuv.com/uv-water-treatment-in-the-beverage-industry/

LUV your water

LUV your water

Water goals in SA

South Africa is the 30th driest country in the world, that is 30th out of a possible 196. Not only is it critical for health and sanitation but industry as well. Close to half the water used in South Africa is used for agriculture and farming. This is why South […]