Where you need a partner to help conceptualise, design, build and project manage your sustainable projects, Enaqua should be your first choice.

Energy solutions

Our aim is to identify your energy needs and then build a solution that is sustainable and delivers real value

Water solutions

Enaqua’s engineering team will design, build and implement water solutions that meet all your chemical dosing or UV disinfection needs.

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LUV your water

LUV your water

New Solar panel – 26.3% efficiency

New Solar Panel. It will be interesting to see how these stack up. Will the costs be competitive? Record-breaking solar panel converts 26% of sunlight into energy  

Solar power possibilities in Africa

It's never more possible & less expensive to have a solar-powered Africa  

Mike Edison

“I was able to save 80% of my borehole pumping cost, thank you to the Enaqua team”


“The solar geyser works 100%, i am enjoying hot water every night. Even now days when we are hoping for rain and it is overcast the whole day i still have the pleasure of hot water at home. My short answer is: AWESOME thank you for your service and care” – Vladimir

Water goals in SA

South Africa is the 30th driest country in the world, that is 30th out of a possible 196. Not only is it critical for health and sanitation but industry as well. Close to half the water used in South Africa is used for agriculture and farming. This is why South […]