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Enaqua offers a host of services from maintenance of existing plants to brand new purpose built systems, including design, sourcing,

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Enaqua’s engineering team will design, build and implement water solutions that meet all your chemical dosing or UV disinfection needs.

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Reducing cost of solar PV

Mexican solar power comes in at a record 1.77¢ /kWh The cost of Solar PV is constantly out performing expectations on pricing. Large scale projects make these prices attainable but its mainly due to increased panel efficiencies. The same benefits are available in small to medium size installations on commercial and […]

More confirmation for solar as the cheapest source of energy generation

An improved global energy mix which includes; Gas, solar and less oil The World Energy Outlook 2017 report confirms that solar is fast becoming the cheapest source of energy for most countries globally. With the fast-declining costs of solar PV, it positions itself as the cheapest source of new electricity […]

Corporate Renewable Energy Revolution

Corporate renewable Energy Building a forward thinking business with sustainable goals starts with a well thought out plan. Solar PV is fast becoming the most accessible and cost effective supply of energy. Commercial and industrial organisations need to identify the correct blend between grid power and solar for their current […]

Moeller & Poeller Engineering studies explains how SA can and should introduce more renewable energy into mix

Solar energy in South Africa should be adopted at a far quicker rate and not only as supplementary supply but as part of the “base load”. Estimated R150Bn annual investment between 2020 – 2030. Engineering study dispels myths on limits to renewable energy in the South African grid  

Great benefits through efficient lighting choice and controls

Lighting controls for commercial buildings are not a new concept. From manual switches to scheduling to occupancy sensors to daylighting, the ability to manage the energy and comfort associated with lighting in the commercial market continues to gain momentum. Beyond individual controls, networked lighting control systems are also on the […]

Renewable energy country attractiveness index – RECAI

Even though South Africa has one of the highest solar irradiance levels in the world they do not feature favourably on this rating scale of investment attractiveness. See infographic The questions being asked as part of the methodology are: Is there a long-term need for additional or replacement energy supply? If […]

Challenged renewable energy sector growing rapidly in Africa

Are renewables showing growth? The renewable energy sector is struggling all over the African continent due to access localised technical capability and access to affordable funding model. “Renewables will receive considerable attention at African Utility Week and in Africa’s energy sector in the future. This is a topic that must […]

LUV your water

LUV your water

New Solar panel – 26.3% efficiency

New Solar Panel. It will be interesting to see how these stack up. Will the costs be competitive? Record-breaking solar panel converts 26% of sunlight into energy  

Solar power possibilities in Africa

It's never more possible & less expensive to have a solar-powered Africa  

Mike Edison

“I was able to save 80% of my borehole pumping cost, thank you to the Enaqua team”


“The solar geyser works 100%, i am enjoying hot water every night. Even now days when we are hoping for rain and it is overcast the whole day i still have the pleasure of hot water at home. My short answer is: AWESOME thank you for your service and care” – Vladimir