Our aim is to identify your energy needs and then build a solution that is sustainable and delivers real value

Social – Companies are under increasing levels of pressure to reduce their impact on the environment. The most tangible measure of a country or companies impact is the amount of CO2 produced or saved annually.

A 50 panel solar system saves around 16 tonnes or CO2 per year (South African energy consumption creates 412 million tonnes)

Supply – Electricity downtime has a direct impact on revenue and resultant profit. South African industry’s current electricity requirements are on par with 2008 levels however an increase in GDP growth will impact that considerably and we also need to take into consideration distribution outages as well which has a direct negative correlation between the level of maintenance and the level of up time.

Cost – Historically a blended supply of energy sources that included renewable energy did not present attractive financial benefits for companies. With the rising cost of electricity, falling costs of renewable energy production as well as technological breakthrough in storage technology that has all changed.

Enaqua’s engineering team will create custom design solutions for your energy needs. We’ll step you through the process from design to commissioning.

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