Reverse Osmosis plant

Molecule based contaminants are removed from water by Reverse osmosis (RO).

By forcing water through a partially permeable membrane, thousands of compounds that can make water unhealthy for consumption are removed. Some of the more known compounds include calcium, iron, lead, and manganese.

By applying pressure, the process overcomes the osmotic pressure of the water removing salts and bacteria from the water.

The successful application of reverse osmosis technology is anchored in the sophistication of the design and control. Treating water through an RO process can be costly both on energy and water usage.

The key to RO treatment is to ensure high system efficiency levels – target efficiencies should be >85%.

Enaqua build, installs and maintains RO systems to solve specific water quality issues. Our RO plants deliver pure and ultra pure water volumes ranging from 35lt to 5000lt per hour.