Enaqua specialises in designing and building water treatment plants. We pride ourselves on being able to solve complex water treatment challenges. In solving these challenges, specific consideration is given to the type of incoming water, the water quality requirements, water usage, plant space constraints, performance telemetry as well as total energy footprint.

Enaqua offers creative value-added solutions from maintenance of existing plants to brand new purpose-built systems.

Our services offered to clients include:

  • Scope design and preparation
  • Full in-house 3D modelling
  • Full in-house electrical control capability including COC
  • Micro biological process improvement
  • Rent to own or full maintenance lease (FML) options
  • Service and maintenance

Technology we use is solution specific and some include:

  • UV treatment (photolysis & advanced oxidation)
  • Chemical disinfection
  • Water softening through Ion exchange
  • Reverse Osmosis

At Enaqua our design philosophy encompasses the performance efficiency of the plant, the environment, the safety, and economic factors.

Every system designed is purpose built to a customer’s requirement, where there is a complex and specialised water treatment challenge, Enaqua will be able to solve it.

“Water Solutions by design”

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Proud distributor of:

Trojan Aquafine UV – Sub Sahara Africa

WRS Dosing – South Africa

Jensprima Instruments – South Africa