Specialised water filtration

Specialised water filtration includes treatment of water into a process, all the way through to wastewater treatment and effluent recovery. Filtration within this process can be as simple as cartridge or bag filters through to reverse osmosis (RO) and Nano filtration.

Molecule based contaminants are removed from water by means of filtration. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a specialised filtration process and unlike simpler filtration it is effective for contaminants as small as 0.01 to 0.0001 micron.

When forcing water through a partially permeable membrane, thousands of compounds that can make water unhealthy for consumption are removed. Some of the more known compounds include calcium, iron, lead, and manganese.

By applying pressure to water, the process overcomes the osmotic pressure removing salts and bacteria from the water to produce ultra-pure permeate.

The successful application of reverse osmosis technology is anchored in the sophistication of the design and control. Treating water through a reverse osmosis process is highly effective however it can be costly both on energy and water usage.

At Enaqua our design philosophy encompasses the performance efficiency of the plant, the environment, the safety, and economic factors.

Important design elements in any RO water treatment plant are:

  • Chemical makeup of incoming water
  • Microbiological load of the incoming water
  • Total daily and hourly water requirement
  • The final quality of the permeate required (level of TDS or conductivity)
  • Amount of wastewater or brine produced
  • System efficiency

The key to RO treatment is to ensure high system efficiency levels without impacting the integrity of membranes and other equipment in the process. We strive to achieve target efficiencies of 80% or greater.

We offer efficient reverse osmosis systems as well as the larger water treatment solutions. Part of our offering includes the full design and build function, installation, and maintenance of specialised water filtration systems to solve challenging water quality issue as well as normal mineral reduction, desalination and micro biological treatment.

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