Enaqua will design, build, install and manage water solutions that meet all your RO, water filtration, UV or chemical treatment needs.

We believe that even the best equipment will not be fully effective without properly designed processes. Our “Solutions by design” philosophy enables us to approach your water treatment requirements holistically and then customer build a solution.

We build water treatment plants for industry ranging from simple water filtration to total off grid water reticulation systems. Our range of water treatment solutions will enable you to have the most cost effective  commercial & Industrial, water treatment system. We achieve this through combining best in class design and premium purpose-built components which are from leaders in the water industry.

We believe in designing sustainable solutions that will meet YOUR needs and requirements, including:

  • Industrial product water
  • Medical grade treatment water
  • Specific water quality profiles
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Back up water, or
  • Complete water independence

The opportunities and solutions are endless and because every system we design is purpose built for our clients, when we work with you on a system, you will always get the desired result.

Check out our various water solutions:

  1. UV water treatment and disinfection
  2. Chemical treatment and disinfection
  3. Specialised water filtration

Give us a call on 010 157 0103 or leave your details and we will get back to you.